Institute / Coaching Management Software

Institute management require to have integrated IMS software for your day to day operation. IMS software is comprehensive software that covers each entity of an institute like faculties, branch, members, students, fees, attendance, test, and management.

Our (IMS) institute management software is web-based software and very easy to use. Our method is very helpful for you to saving your precious time and money; with the help of IMS software you can manage your major work as well. IMS software is most versatile educational software you can have for small, and large institutes.

NSGAK institute management system is developed to give extensive view that provides full control that enables you to track about all activities and important information and pushes the staff to execute their task on time, and manage all the things about each student.

IMS software is customized, user-friendly which easily manage all processes within an institute. The institute management system is browser based which means that no extra software require to be installed on computer to use the institute management software, and the another best thing is you can access it from anywhere in the world.